Tuesday, October 02, 2018

Fan Fest / Feline Fest

We had a fun time with friends at the Trail Blazers Fan Fest Sunday night. This is a free opportunity to see ALL the Blazers on the court, even the rookies, because they divide into two teams and play themselves. And of course I took a spindle – my 'fidget spinner' – to make good use of the downtimes.

Love that dad is covering her tender ear
Even though Chuckie apparently wasn't within the sound of my voice Sunday night, he was johnny-on-the-spot Monday morning
. . . and Monday afternoon . . . and Monday night . . . and this morning. I haven't filled our black oil sunflower seed feeder because he's coming to the deck so often!

Proving that cats are cats are cats, here are photos of the beautiful barn cat at the stable where I gave a riding lesson Monday in the same poses Chuckie struck in the last two photos above:

The clouds were putting on a rapidly changing show this morning,

and my big Japanese maple is just beginning its 'slow burn':

Later, I caught this stunner outside my dentist's office:

Don't you just love autumn? 😊


Michelle said...

First comment game...

Retired Knitter said...

Yea!!!!! He is back. I was pretty sure a knew a good thing when he saw you and your family!!

Susan said...

I love that little spindle! I do believe that Chuckie is one of the most attractive tuxedo cats I have ever seen. What a doll!

MiniKat said...

Love seeing these photos of Chuckie! Glad he's sticking around.

Mama Pea said...

Good kitty-cat! And, yes, I LOOOOVVVVVE autumn!

Jeanne said...

Again, you've posted some really great kitty photos! Including the two of the striped one! (No offense to Chuckie!) The ones of Chuckie clinging to your leg are especially cute!

FullyFleeced said...

so glad chuckie is back. he seems like such a cool little guy. glad he's working out!

Goatldi said...

As I sit here looking out my window at the rain coffee in hand I’m enjoying the photos immensely.

Looking at those cheerleaders reminds me of my oldest granddaughter when she was on the traveling team in high school several years those girls can certainly do some amazing things!

I am jealous of your Japanese maple I know I’ve told you this probably every year this time a year we used to have one and I absolutely loved it and I would love to get one up here maybe in the yard area behind the studio would be a great place for it to go take more pictures please as the blaze progresses.
Last but not least Chuckie😊
He does have that ability to make his presence known and I like your comparison photos although the fellow on the bottom is looking kind of indignant at the invasion of privacy. Better watch out that little black and white guy might end up in your laundry room

Alison Wale said...

He is a beautiful cat - I can see why cats with his colouring are often called Tuxedo cats: he looks so neat and tidy and dressed up!!

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