Sunday, September 23, 2018

Off to OFFF

I'm OFFF to see a man about some roving, and say "hi" to a friend or two. But before I skedaddle, a quick report on our successful transplant! Yes, Chuckie has chosen to stay. 😊 If I go looking for him, he's usually in the haystack, but when we came home from church yesterday he came up on the deck looking for us while we ate dinner just inside. So we sat out on the deck with him for awhile, then brought the dogs out on leashes so they could meet at a distance. Dozer didn't alarm him much, but Jackson bark-screamed (overly excited about what being leashed might portend, not by the cat) and scared poor Chuckie off. Last night after chores he followed me from the barn back to the house, though, so it didn't traumatize him too much.

This morning I got up, put on my BGPs as Susan would say, and hoed the garden. The bit of rain we've gotten caused weeds to sprout by the millions, and rather than letting them grow over the winter as 'we've' always done (I admit to feeling this end-of-season chore should be done by those who till the garden come spring), I did it. Even though it was hard manual labor, the ground was perfect for the task – not muddy or dry and hard. Then I tore out the dead pea vines with their baling twine trellis. I even remembered to take before and after photos!

Now I'm off to OFFF from . . .


Claire MW said...

Really glad that Chuckie has decided to stick around! He looks like he'll be a lovely little companion to have around the farm. I did some garden work as well today, but more harvesting than weeding, since our frost is coming tonight. Wish I was going to OFFF!

Mama Pea said...

Chuckie is such a nice looking cat. He'd be perfect for your barn and it almost looks as though he thinks that, too!

Good job on the garden weeds. You'll be glad, come next spring, that you made the effort to knock 'em down this fall.

I could have done more in the garden today, but our weather didn't cooperate. Misty rain this morning, no sun all day but plenty of wind and a high temp of 46 degrees! Can you believe that? Methinks fall has really, truly arrived here. Yay!

Goatldi said...

Try not to sell the farm off at OFF for all the goodies there are to buy. If the Sitzman family is there with their Woolgaterings booth give them a “Hello” from The Goatldi! And have a ample amount of fun😊💥

Michelle said...

Brrr, Claire! One farmgal in Saskatchewan that I follow on Instagram had significant SNOW yesterday!

I think you're right on the cat AND the garden, Mama Pea. We're headed into a warmer week, so I left the tomatoes, basil, peppers, parsley, and beans. The beans are probably worthless, but the rest have harvestable amounts.

Goatldi, I was VERY good. Other than picking up my roving, which was already paid for, I purchased one little sheep Christmas ornament – that's it!

Leigh said...

That's such good news about Chuckie! I'm so glad, but not surprised. He knows a good family when he finds one! Love your OFFF find!