Saturday, June 02, 2018



My husband's and the Jenkins':

My husband's, the Jenkins', and mine, with more work for my hands to do:

The chickens' (10 for 10!) and my husband's:

Mine and my husband's, along with other parents':

My Creator God's:

That's it for this Sabbath from . . .


Susan said...

Oh, my gosh! That baby sweater and hat is ADORABLE! And I love the color of that yarn you spun. Such beautiful everything!

Theresa said...

Two such talented people! I wish I could fit into that adorable sweater! Love the colors.

Michelle said...

Thanks, Susan; I hope my niece will USE it (once it fits her baby at, like, two years of age....). Credit the second commenter for the beautiful turquoise fiber. ;-)

High praise from a talent like yourself, Theresa!