Friday, February 10, 2017

Brighter colors

Thanks for your love and concern; I can't share more. It's not normal family stuff; we're talking "waaaaaay out in left field" stuff that could last a long time. In the meantime, I have brighter photos to share.

This morning there was actually SUNSHINE, so I took one of my DH's current wood-turning (he's getting good!) projects out on the deck for a photo shoot.

This small, unfinished big-leaf maple bowl has a natural flaw in it, so I suggested he turn it into a yarn bowl. ;-)

While out there, the resident male Anna's hummingbird buzzed around, finally landing on the feeder. I was able to carefully turn just enough to aim my camera at him and get some stunning photos, if I do say so myself. I'll share just one for now, as a teaser:

This afternoon at the violin teacher's house, I captured a shot of one of their resident squirrels. I don't know what kind it is; I was captivated by its fuzzy red ears!

Later, back at home and out on the deck again shaking rugs, Mr. Hummer came for another feeding and photo op. The light wasn't as good, but he's still gorgeous.

When I scared him, he flew to an oft-used perch in the side yard and scolded me:

In closing, the evening cloudscape:

That's it for today from . . .


Mama Pea said...

If it comes to pass, you're going to have one very special yarn bowl!

The last (close-up) shot of the hummer is beautiful. Hard to imagine having hummingbirds year 'round. Ours arrive almost like clockwork on May 15th and are gone by September 15th.

Theresa said...

Oh lovely bowl. A yarn bowl is the perfect idea for it!
You sure that's a Rufous? Looks like a Calliope with that extended side gorget.
The Anna's have the wide gorget also. In any case, he is a brave little soul hanging on over the winter. What a gem to have in February! Hugs to M, have a good weekend.
Thinking of you often.

Michelle said...

Mama Pea, he's going to try to finish it as a yarn bowl; we're both a little worried about making the "yarn hook"!

You are totally correct, Theresa; my overtaxed brain wasn't firing on all cylinders. Changed my post to say he's an Anna's!

Debbie said...

Are you taking yarn bowl orders yet??

MiniKat said...

Lovely bowl!

I believe the squirrel is a Fox squirrel. We've got them here and they have the same gorgeous red fur everywhere that your fellow has.

Mokihana said...

What lovely hummer photos!! And the yarn bowl is gorgeous, too.

Our hummers stick around all year, too, and I delight in having them around.

I'm so sorry about the "out in left field" stuff... take care.

Mary Ann said...

Your pictures were wonderful, Michelle, I love squirrels, we have none here. I'm always glad to see them!