Thursday, May 25, 2017

Brown and white and black and blue, part 2

This sight greeted me this morning:
Congratulations, Benny; you just moved to the front of the line!

It was quite a feat to get him up on the stand; there was a lot of heaving and ho-ing. Under that big white fleece was a "fluffy" white sheep; ahem.

With Benny sheared and outfitted with a fresh coat, I looked at the time. I had enough to do one more before showering and leaving to pick Brian up from school. I chose the smaller of the remaining two wethers just to be safe . . . silly me!

Bing is affectionately known as Bing-aling, because he can be skittish, aka a "dingaling." Turns out he is also VERY.TOUCHY. about his behind. He bucked and hopped, kicked and body-slammed me while I tried to get his tail, rump, and britch area sheared without drawing blood. Eventually I got most of it and decided to move on to his main fleece.
I heard my phone ding several times and ignored one incoming phone call. When I was almost done my phone rang again, so I looked to see who it was – and noticed the time. Ack! It was time leave for Salem! I threw a coat on a mostly sheared Bing, put him in the Ram-ada Inn, and dashed off to pick up my son in all my greasy, stinky "glory."
That's Bing's sister Blaise peeking through the gate behind him

As soon as we got home I cleaned up Bing and put him out with Blake and Benny, then took a much needed shower. Where is my personal masseuse when I need one?
"Who are you again?"

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Brown and white and black and blue

Yesterday morning I decided it was Babette's turn for a haircut – and threw in some lamby halter-training for free! Bernadette was not impressed, and had to have a little lie-down AND warm milk to recover. ;-)

Babette is aptly named: 

Bernadette may look like her mommy, but thankfully doesn't sound like her – as long as she could be up ON the stand with Babette. Mommy's little brown shadow....

 Afterwards I let them graze on the long grass around the chicken quarters for a bit.

I sat on the ground so I could scoop up Bernie and take a good look at her. No sign of fading anywhere; I do believe she's going to stay moorit.

When I noticed how interested Blake and his minions were in the grazing ladies, I had an idea. I usually can't get the boys to go down the chute into the Ram-ada Inn lot without help, and I can't catch them in their larger lot. Using Babette as bait, I easily haltered Blake. Once Babette and Bernadette were back in the fold with the other girls, I used Blake to lead the wethers into the Ram-ada Inn. Gotcha!

That's it for brown; the white and black and blue will have to wait for the next post!

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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Alternating frills and fleeces

I have another slew of sheep shots to share, but thought maybe I should alternate subjects for the sake of the less ovine-inclined. How about more flowers?

On Saturday the first of our bearded iris opened; I posted its portrait after shots of all the rhododendrons that were in bloom here. Well, every day since then a new iris has unfolded. It's been a veritable runway show with flamboyantly dressed, tall, beautiful models! Sunday:


Tina commented that our yard must look like a fairyland this time of year. Can you hear my laughter in Bellingham, Tina? ;-)  Grass and weeds are trying to take over everywhere; I carefully frame my photos to minimize them. Our irises have dwindled from competition and neglect.  :-( This photo is more realistic:
I did pull a lot of grass and weeds from the bed earlier this month when the soil was wet, but by no means got it cleaned out. Try as I might, I can't begin to keep up on all the weeding needed around here; I need a full-time gardener. Funny, though, how the old varieties in the pasture seem unperturbed by neglect and vigorous competition!

There are other flowers newly blooming, too. My species geranium, a most delightful shade of blue:

And one more rhody, which is mostly taking the year off:

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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Hold on for one more day

It's taken more than half my life, but I've finally mostly learned that when I'm staggering under emotional burdens, it's best to keep my thoughts to myself. Sharing my dark mood comes back to bite me when the burdens ease – and they always do, sooner or later (hallelujah; praise the Lord!).
My sweetie brought me a "pick-me-up" bouquet

So after several heavy (and hot; did I mention how HOT it was?) days, my mood is up 30 degrees and the temperature is down 30 degrees over this time last night.

Click to biggify that beautiful, crimpy fleece!
That means tomorrow is time to buckle down and SHEAR SOME SHEEP! I got Blaise done on Sunday; one down and five to go (plus one to roo). Scissor-shearing takes me quite awhile, but I skirt as I go so when I'm done, the fleece should be ready to weigh and ship. That's why Blaise sported a huge 'cowl'; I removed her trashy neck fleece first (then her belly and britch wool), leaving the cleanest, coated part isolated for harvest.

Hunky Bogie

The Littles, not as little anymore; Bernadette, center, still looking moorit

Six wandering lambies...

and one climbing on me for attention – that would be Brigitte

The lambs spot a wolf on one side (Jackson),

then a wolf shows up on the other side!
"Mom! There are scary wolves out here!"
"Hmm; maybe not so scary," says Bardot
Sunday was also the last day the ewes and lambs got to enjoy pasture time, because I found a couple of foxtail awns when I sheared Blaise. Poor ewes and lambs; they didn't know that was their last meal. If they had, maybe the lambs would have spent more time eating and less time playing in the driveway! Nah; they probably would have played more. ;-)

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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Blessed by beauty

Yesterday evening:

This afternoon:

Around Boulderneigh:

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