Saturday, December 31, 2016

Ending on a few good notes

"Good-bye and good riddance" seems to be the predominant attitude towards 2016. Can't say that 2017 looks any better, but that's this ol' world for you according to the Good Book. No matter; whatever happens, we can trust in Him. Love this song:

Today's treasures came early:

We haven't had a lot of frosted leaves this year, so these were a treat this morning. When I got to the barn I thought I saw ice, but realized they were scattered dove feathers when I got closer:
Sad, but beautiful still.

"Finish as you mean to go on" is a familiar quote. This year I've done that in several areas. In knitting I blocked both a gift knit and a small shawl I knit for myself over two years ago – and wore it the last two days:

Tonight while at a social function at church, I finished up the Wensleydale fiber sample that came with my lilac Aegean so it could start fresh:

And in between I got in a very short ride on my handsome Lance.

Here's a video of the Irish hornpipes and reel my guys played at the social:

Thankful for another year at . . .


Leigh said...

Happy New Year! The shawl looks like wings! Really pretty.

Theresa said...

Oh first rate video! Thank you, what fun. They look quite a bit a like don't they. :-)
The shawl is beautiful Michelle.
I'm not too enthused about 2017 but trying to stay positive and open.
Happy New Year!

Retired Knitter said...

Love the shawl. What is the name of that pattern?

Michelle said...

Yes, it does, Leigh. An easy knit with beautiful results.

No question whose son Brian is, Theresa!

RK, the shawl is Artesian, by Romi Hill. I highly recommend all her designs!

Sharon said...

Loved the music. How nice to have that in your own home! We see feathers under our bird feeders every now and then, and I too feel bad but hawks need to eat too :(

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Michelle; I hope each brought peace and joy.

Claire Moxon-Waltz said...

Such beautiful shots of the frosted leaves. I can't see them anymore here because they are buried under a lot of snow! That shawl is just beautiful, as is the quilt underneath it - I love the colours!