Friday, March 18, 2016

Heads up

Tail up, actually.

Unlike Sarai, who wasn't fully bagged up or showing much change in her vulva when she lambed, Vienna is showing signs of popping soon. This morning I was thinking maybe by the end of the weekend; now I'm thinking maybe by the end of today.

Over the noon hour I turned the girls out on pasture to let them stretch their legs and enjoy the green grass, but no one was much interested. They mostly just hung out at the gate, and ran back into the fold as soon as I gave them access.
Vienna got the corner lambing jug. It would be very considerate of her to lamb today, as tomorrow we have church followed by an afternoon memorial service, and Sunday we have tickets to a Michael Card concert. But we'll have to take what comes when it comes.

Taking what comes is sometimes delightful.

Morning mountains courtesy of . . .

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Claire the Shepherdess said...

I hope the lambs show up today! What a glorious sunrise. We certainly don't have them like that here!