Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Well hello, February

Whoa, doggy, I've been swamped. I was going to show you the flowers at the end of January, but didn't have time to blog. Oh well, they aren't much different now. Here is the north side of our house, lined with blooming sarcacocca, in the fog:

On the south side of our house, the daphne odora blossoms are just beginning to open. Since the bush lives under a big evergreen next to the garage and I'm usually passing it before sunrise or after dark, I haven't been able to get a good photo. But I have bent close to enjoy one of my favorite garden scents.  :-D

The snowdrops are still visible under the flowering cherry on the west side of the house. And inside, the orchid show is at its peak:
I can see it atop the antique pie safe from my wingback chair across the room, and often glance at it to give my heart a little thrill. What a blessing to share my living space with such exotic, exquisite perfection!

Speaking of "peak," this morning I realized for the first time that our new view includes Mt. Adams:
So I went out onto the deck to look for Mt. Hood. From the left end I could just see its flank:

That's okay, I can see my favorite peak from other spots on our property.

After a few days' break, the track hoe was back making racket (and giant piles of debris) next door today. Then it got really noisy, drawing Brian and me outside to see what was up. Can you see what was up, up in the sky? (You might need to biggify.)

That's it for now from . . .


Mama Pea said...

Is it strange to see that many of those "birds" together like that? Wonder why they were flying over?

Susan said...

Geez. As if you didn't have enough noise! What are they doing - dropping rootstock by helicopter?

Michelle said...

Yes, Mama Pea, it was very strange; I have no idea what they were doing. A little while later while I was riding, one came back the way it had come.

I think they were military choppers, Susan, but have no idea what they were doing.

Anonymous said...

What an incredible view you now have of Mt Adams! Mt Hood is spectacular but I've always admired Mt Adams rugged beauty.
The military copter pilots must be in training. Yesterday while in Woodburn they were out in force in what looked like formation maneuvers.