Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Nothing is instant but Instagram

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But I am making progress! I do believe these will be finished and ready to gift at Saturday night's Christmas party. They just need thumb turtlenecks, finishing and a bath. I'm hoping to start a thumb tonight.

Last night I forgot to cage Elvira, but this morning everyone was still standing and she ran out into the run with the rest. AND I've gotten an egg a day to start out December; that's progress, too.

An assortment of small, freelance graphics projects is crowding my plate, but I'm slowly wading through them (and am thankful for the extra work!). I'd like to set aside everything long enough to write our Christmas letter and send it out, but nearer deadlines loom. I channel Magnum, P.I. and tell myself, "Work the lock; don't look at the dogs." Otherwise I get distracted by those snapping hounds and everything falls apart! ;-)

We dodged the ice bullet here and now it's wet and gray. Not sure what that will mean for our Christmas tree plans this Sunday, but I'm going to keep working the lock and not look at that dog. Rick flies out tonight and will be gone until Saturday evening; I've got my hands full during his absence.

That's it for now from . . .


Theresa said...

Thumb turtlenecks!? Cute!!! Those have translated well into lovely fingerless mitts. Are you using safety pins to hold the thumb stitches? That seems much easier than scrap yarn!
And I thought my schedule was busy.....

Susan said...

I need to get going on my knitting list - and fingerless mitts are at the top! My first thought was, oh, good! Michelle has a weekend to work on fun things. Then I realized...not. :)

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

Beautiful mittens - Oh that beautiful wool that will keep some lucky person very warm - and I love the colour.
You are so clever and resourceful Michelle!
In case I don't get back here before the day I'm sending Christmas wishes to you and all beautiful menagerie!
Shane x

Nancy Kay said...

Love the mitts.

It's interesting to hear updates on Elvira...I hope things continue to get better.

I have my Christmas letter, etc., ready to go...I'm a little ahead of the game this year...for once!

Michelle said...

Yes, Theresa, the safety pins are holding the thumb stitches. They aren't ideal; it would be better to something with that function made of heavier "wire" without a sharp point, but I do like them better than scrape yarn.

Susan; HahahahaHaHa!!!

Thank-you, Shane! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas, too.

Wanna write my letter, Nancy Kay???

Leigh said...

The mitts look so warm! Hopefully you're staying warm too. :)