Monday, June 15, 2015

Working hard, or hardly working?

For those of you who worried that I wouldn't take any time to recharge while I had this delicious solitude, never fear. In fact, you might need to worry that I haven't done anything else!

I have taken naps three days in a row (I can't remember the last time I took ONE nap!); on Sabbath I spent several hours with a friend who is back "home" for the summer (she lives in VA now) and another chunk of time on the phone with a college roommate I haven't connected with in ages; and on Sunday I did this.

But now it is time to buckle down to a sheep rodeo. Benny is much better (he's EATING! he's CHEWING CUD!), but Bittersweet presented with bottle jaw this morning, confirming Rick's suspicion that I might be contending with a parasite problem. That makes sense, given my limitations of space. That means I need to catch (if I can) and worm Bittersweet and all the rest of the adults. Then I HAVE to get Bing sheared, which is going to be a slow, tough job because 1) he's black on black, and 2) he's a bit of a pin-ball. In other words, it will take great care and patience to not see blood red!

That's it for now from . . .