Monday, June 01, 2015

Old and new

Last iris,

first daylily.

Spring flowers are on their way out; summer flowers are opening. New hay joins old hay in the barn; between what we have left over from last year and facing one less equine mouth to feed sooner or later, we didn't need to get as much as usual. An acquaintance at the bottom of our hill called us Sunday morning. He had 160 square bales still available in the field; did we want it? Yes! Setting aside all other plans, we got hay. Rain was forecast to start last night and indeed it did, with thunder and lightning even, but we have hay tucked safely away in our barn.

Once that was done, I turned to fleece, determined to get at least one ready to ship to its buyer. Since Bittersweet's fleece was already off its grower, I decided to skirt it. It took a looong time, and almost blew away in the wind that was bringing in our wet weather front. Rick came to my rescue, and helped me move operations into the garage to finish. He and Brian picked strawberries while I skirted. We're getting beautiful, BIG berries this year, I think because we kept the patch happy with fall watering last year. I stayed up until 12:30 this morning getting them put up; 20 pints in the freezer and some in the frig for breakfast. There will be more, too; I need to get our berry freezer defrosted before all the cane berries start producing!

Yesterday morning I bound off my Rays of Sunshine with very little yarn to spare. I wasn't worried; I had looked at others' notes, weighed my yarn, and knit to the end with confidence. Hoping to find time to block it soon; even though it isn't what I think of as "my" colors, it says "Summer" and I am eager to wear it!

That's it for now from . . .


Susan said...

Wow! Close call on that lovely knitting! Those strawberries are beautiful- I'm hoping to beat the chipmunks to mine this year.

Debbie said...

Your knitting looks lovely. The color is definitely summer. Lucky you with a bounty of strawberries. I hope to get out to one of the farms later this 'little' crop will only yield enough for fresh eating treats. Glad you were able to get the hay in before the rain.

Nancy Kay said...

That was a close finish on the knitting! I would have been a tiny bit worried! Ha. It's a beautiful color, and I bet it will look great on you.

The look delicious! And you're harvesting so many!! I can imagine some tasty desserts or smoothies in the future!!