Wednesday, May 06, 2015

WIP Wednesday

I still find snippets of time to knit here and there, like during Brian's violin lesson. (Speaking of, here is a bit of the Bach piece he has been working on; he comes in first, followed by his teacher. Brian didn't want me to video, thus the odd angle as I recorded on the sly.)

I finished the gray scarf with red beads, but haven't blocked it – or two prior projects – yet; blocking needs a BLOCK of time. Anyway, here is is my current WIP (work in progress):
(Second photo is truer to IRL color.)

We took a little road trip Sunday, which gave me bigger chunks of knitting time, as well as some photos taken during lovely walks.
Biggify to see the buzzing bee better!
Not having my usual Sunday-at-home-catch-up-day has made this week more hectic than usual, though!

That's it for today from . . .


Shine said...

Nice knotting and BRAVO on the Bach double!!!!! Keep up the nice work...on both fronts :) Blessings~~Shine

Shine said...

Oh snap....of course I meant nice knitting....not knotting :)

Michelle said...

Same thing, Shine. ;-)

Nancy Kay said...

Sure enjoyed the Bach piece!! Nice work on the sly. I'm glad you're sneaking in a little knitting, too, when possible. Lovely pictures. I especially like that last one!