Thursday, February 12, 2015

My cup overfloweth

I would be lying if I said my title refers only to my blessings. The truth is, the only time I don't feel completely overwhelmed by all that I'm neglecting is when I am at work, where I'm too busy to think of anything else and am not surrounded by the shambles of my life – said shambles resulting from the necessity of taking on an outside job.

My co-worker's hat, the closest I've come to knitting in too long

I'm not posting much because I don't have time to take photos and I don't have time to string together coherent thoughts, at least ones that aren't a litany of complaints and frustrations. What do you do when there's no relief in sight? How do you stave off despair?

Looking for the silver lining at . . .


Susan said...

I believe the only thing you can do, Michelle, is to put one foot in front of the other and go on. Your faith will prop you up and things will get better. Sending you a huge, big, giant hug.

Debbie said...

Just look at those closest to you....a hug will know that you're not alone.

Kelly said...

I know your pain......full time job, on numerous committees, family obligations, and chronic pain coupled with insomnia that frustrates me endlessly. How I keep going is to remind myself of how blessed I am in life. I'm lucky have that job so I can pay my bills, I'm lucky I can feel pain because that means I'm still alive, I'm blessed to have a family that I can visit and talk with yet........some days I'm good, some days I have tiny pity parties, and some days I'm proud of myself for pulling on my big girl panties and getting things done! Every chore is a victory! Hang in there.

Florida Farm Girl said...

Oh girl, you life may be a bit chaotic at times but it definitely is not in shambles!!!! You have lots of good things around you, good people who love you, a roof over your head and food to eat. You are blessed. Just be thankful, okay? And forget the words "woulda, shoulda, coulda". They just cause grief. Hugs.

Mary Ann said...

Michelle... I worked 3 jobs at a time for most of the time when my kids were growing up... they both went to work BEFORE they were sixteen... in fact, one at 13, helping me and being paid by my boss for it. YOU CAN DO IT! Take a deep breath and pray! :-) And Happy Valentines Day!

Nancy Kay said...

Don't let the "tunes" of despair play over and over... let the "tunes" of gratitude replace them... Listen to Love...let those harmonies be the only tunes you listen to.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Michelle, God hears the cry of your heart and has plans for you to prosper. A few months after Dave died, I had increasing thoughts of killing myself. At the lowest point, God whispered to me, "But if you kill yourself, Sandra, you'll miss all the blessings I have for you." God gave me hope when I had none, when all I could see was work, work, work, work and yes, it was the work of my heart but my heart beat was gone. It's been hard, Michelle, to continue but God walks ahead; there's no place I can go that He's not already been.
The same is true for you; He loves you with an unconditional, everlasting love and underneath are His everlasting love. If you're not taking care of yourself, it's time to begin. It's time to make time for YOU...because if you don't care for yourself, you will crash and burn.
Are you having daily time with God? That's your beginning and from there give yourself 15 or 20 minutes to read, knit, lay in a hot tub of water...Michelle, you HAVE to do this...make all the excuses you want/need but you HAVE to do this. Your menfolk will accept if you don't give them an alternative. Your boy child is old enough to take some of the work load...they're called chores.
Are you sleeping enough? It's a nightly miracle, that deep sleep your body needs to restore itself, help prevent illness and give you rest.
Take care of you, Michelle and the rest will begin to fall into place...slowly but surely and with God's help you can do this.
Agape and Shalom.

LannieK said...

))) hugs (((
))) hugs (((
))) hugs (((