Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Work perks

I have come to realize it takes me an inordinate amount of time to organize my thoughts, construct my sentences, and/or connect my photos into a narrative. And I can't really do any of that with distractions, which basically means I can't do it unless Brian is in bed. Which he is at the moment, but the news is about to start and I haven't watched news in days (weeks?), and every once in awhile I do think it is a good idea to get a handle on what is going on around this world I live in. So I'm going to throw a post together even though my brain feels like that fried egg in the old commercial. ("This is your brain on drugs" – remember that?)

First, the title. Yes, there are some unexpected perks to working, besides the obvious – additional income that will eventually help us get our heads above water. I like my job, my co-workers, my boss, my work space. It is lovely to know without a doubt that I'm needed, doing a good job, and appreciated for what I do. Then there are these sweet gestures –
homemade fudge from a co-worker and a box of Belgium chocolates from a caretaker of one of our clients. The boss brought something in for each of us today, too. Gobsmacked!

During our family visit on Sunday, I finished the last gift knit on my to-do list; woohoo! Now to cast on those socks in the yarn my friend bought at the LYS. That friend was diagnosed with breast cancer last week . . . that's got me a bit shook.

I snapped the above photo of Mt. Hood yesterday morning on my way back to the house from doing chores. A bit later on my way to work, I had to pull over to capture the glorious morning sky:

Last night, Brian fenced in his first tournament. It was a Team, Mixed Weapon event, with a beginner, an intermediate, and a rated fencer on each team. At the end of the evening, Brian's team was declared the winner!

Brian had tons of fun, and it was fun to watch. Made for a looong day, though, and a late night.

Now I'm home for a couple days for Christmas. I plan to enjoy my family, clean, cook, eat, shuffle the sheep, ride my horse, and probably watch a feel-good holiday movie or two. We are blessed in so many ways; I count all of you who care enough to visit this little corner of the blogosphere among those blessings – and am even more thankful for those who comment!  ;-)

That's it for now from . . .


Spinners End Farm said...

I had a few of those office surprises too! Why is it they are always high in calories? :). I hope you enjoy your time off with all the important things in your life. I am off until January 5th and am looking forward to just hanging out here with the woolies. :)

A :-) said...

Merry Christmas, Michelle - I'm so glad that the job is yielding a few perks and that you are liking it. :-)

thecrazysheeplady said...

I'm glad there is some silver lining to your clouds :-). Enjoy!

Debbie said...

So glad to read that your job is working out and comes with perks. Enjoy your time off! Congrats to Brian.
Take care.

Florida Farm Girl said...

I think this is a wonderful post. Full of care and meaning to you, and to us!! Having a job that you enjoy is truly a blessing and I'm glad you found one. Merry Christmas to you, Rick and Brian. May your days be filled with love and joy.

Michelle said...

Sherry, the gift from my boss was very practical and has zero calories. I don't mind the others, though, because I've had so little time to make Christmas goodies myself.

Merry Christmas to you, too, Adrienne!

Thanks, Sara. There are ALWAYS silver linings if we look for them. ;-)

I will enjoy these two days to catch up a little, Debbie!

Thank-you for the kind words, FFG. Merry Christmas to you – ALL of you!

Shiralyn Yates said...

I know your holiday will be merry as we celebrate our Savior's birth. Merry Christmas to your whole family all your fuzzy babies. Shiralyn

Leigh said...

Nothing more blessed than time home with family and friends! Merry Christmas Michelle!