Friday, December 12, 2014

Decoration or detritus?

I guess it all depends on where the evergreen boughs are!

Our atypical weather continues. It's been warm, staying between 50 and 60, with occasional dips into the 40s. Lately we've had some fronts with strong winds, too.

On Wednesday we got wind and heavy rain, the likes of which we don't usually see here. I actually took a video of the sheets of rain blowing across the driveway:

It was nice to be home all day instead of out in it – or it would have been if my student hadn't been so mulish and taken over 12 hours to get through his two school subjects, two music practices, and minimal chores. I tell you, it made a hard day at the office look like vacation time!

Back in the office on Thursday, I enjoyed the show through the window in front of my desk – clouds scudding across the sky, leaves skittering across the parking lot, trees whipping in the wind. I really like the view from my desk:

And the view ON my desk is nice, too:
When I arrived on Thursday, everyone's desk had been brightened by a little poinsettia plant and snowman ornament (one of my co-workers gave me her ornament because she doesn't have a tree). I brought the basket with tea, Chinese horse art, and mug from home.

A dear friend who knows me well gave me the art and mug. For my birthday this year she gave me this:

A delicious piece of gourmet chocolate has been a delightful way to begin each December day . . . made all the sweeter because of the love behind it.  :-)

That's it for now from . . .


Linda said...

Wonderful post, I have always loved Poinsettias.

Maureen said...

Wow, look at that rain come down. We have lots of snow, but it has been warm (+1C!) , but I don't want the snow to melt! We are the Christmas Capital of Canada because we always have snow for the holidays... Your area still looks so green! Love the advent calendar!

thecrazysheeplady said...

Beautiful (Advent calendar?)! Don't think I've even eaten a truffle.

Michelle said...

Thanks, Linda!

Maureen, green IS our winter color.

Yes, Sara, that's a Dark Horse Chocolates Advent Calendar. You've NEVER had a truffle? A chocolate truffle? Oh.MY!

Fiona said...

What a wonderful post...the farmer's market here is FULL of wreath makers and all sorts of small pieces of evergreen put together in decorative ways....your driveway and yard are totally decorated!