Thursday, November 27, 2014

A song of thanksgiving

(video from a year ago)

Living proof that there can be beauty in brokenness
"(S)he who plants a tree, plants a hope." – Lucy Larcom

When I think back over the last year, I get a little unsteady on my feet. So thankful we are NOT given the ability to see into the future. How many of us would have the courage to move forward if we saw the challenges ahead?

Not matter the circumstances, there are always blessings too numerous to count. It is a good faith-exercise to try, though. ;-)  Here, in no particular order, is a short list out of many.
  • Our little piece of heaven in the middle of the "Eden at the End of the Oregon Trail."
  • A pantry full of food, a barn full of hay, and a woodshed full of firewood. (That's three big ones!)
  • A little flock of sheep the quality of which I couldn't even dream of when I first got into Shetlands.
  • My mental-health mustang.
  • My parents – my biggest earthly blessing.
  • A handful of dear friends, and a bounty of blogpals.
  • A big yarn and fiber stash (maybe not SABLE, but close) from which to create gifts; who needs Black Friday?
  • A new job.

Yeah; still not sure how I'm to shoehorn that last one into my life, but as it is an answer to prayer I am trying to embrace it. Duties and hours are still undecided; posts here may needs be more sporadic.

Happy Thanksgiving from . . .


Leigh said...

Wishing you a very happy and blessed Thanksgiving Michelle!

Nancy Kay said...

I hope everybody feels they have so much to be thankful for. Hope all your days are bountiful.

Susan said...

A new job??? We will need more info on this! A very good reminder to stop and count our blessings.