Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Out and about

Today we're off to the Oregon State Fair; Rick is the horse show vet for the day, and Brian is driving in the "Draft Horse Junior Team, Drivers 13 and Under" class. I won't be able to take photos; Brian has asked me to ride shotgun. :-)  I may also help an old friend prep and show his Shetlands.

We won't be home until late, so I'll leave you with photos of Brooks Winery. The fire abatement pond is full; the parking lot is paved and painted; decorative white fencing is up; landscaping has been planted, and in-ground sprinklers are watering it. I wouldn't be surprised if it opens for Labor Day weekend.

That's it for now from . . .


Nancy Kay said...

Those are BIG buildings...and they look very nice. I bet they are pretty excited to get this project completed.

Fiona said...

I look forward to your tales of State Fair Adventures!