Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Yay for future food!

At long last our vegetable garden is IN. Brian helped me plant it all this morning, and I'm inordinately pleased with everything. We planted very late this year because Rick, our tractor, and tools have been spending most of the nice weather this spring at my MIL's house. Rick finally got the composted manure tilled in Sunday, and brought our rake and shovels home yesterday. In anticipation, I loaded up on tomato, pepper, and squash plants (half of them were fundraisers for Brian's youth group), plus bush bean and carrot seeds to go with the seeds and plants I already had.

To help me remember, there are two hills of Sumter cucumbers, three hills of Tendergreen cucumbers, one hill of Blacktail Mountain watermelon, two hills of Early Prolific Straightneck (yellow) squash, one row of Tendergreen Improved beans, one row of Royal Burgundy beans, one row of Scarlet Nantes Coreless carrots, one row of Rainbow Blend carrots (Brian's request), two green bell peppers, one jalapeƱo pepper, three unidentified little peppers-I-think, two tiny eggplants-I-think, one hill of Blue Hubbard squash, one hill of Sweet Delight squash, one hill of zucchini, one hill of some kind of round Mexican summer squash, two wee sage plants, two spinach-I-think plants, four brassicas of some kind, and FIFTEEN tomato plants – two Champion II, a Better Boy, a Super Sweet 100, a Pineapple (heirloom), a Rainbow (heirloom), a Mortgage Lifter (heirloom) an Arkansas Traveler (heirloom), an OSU cool-night variety, and six tiny mysteries. All the unknowns are leftover starts from our church's community garden that were given to me; I had room so why not give them a chance? After all, the more we can grow, the more we save on our grocery bill. Let the watering begin! (It already has.)

"Inch by inch, and row by row, Jesus bless the seeds I sow.
Jesus warm them from below, 'til the rain comes tumbling down."



Mama Pea said...

Your garden soil looks great! Sounds as if you had a good "under gardener" in Brian to help get everything in. I'm going to concentrate this week on getting my warmer weather crops (beans, squash, pumpkins, peppers, etc.) in and then I'll be done with the planting. Then we sit back and watch (all the weeds!) everything grow!

Michelle said...

Thanks, Mama Pea; Rick added quite a bit of compost this year. And Brian WAS really good help yesterday – after daddy ordered him to! ;-)

Susan said...

I love this part - after the planting, the watching it all grow! Sounds like you're going to have a real bounty - especially in tomatoes. I'm curious to see how those heritage plants do - I'm always on the lookout for new and exciting tomatoes!

Mary Ann said...

It looks like you had just the perfect opening in the trees for a wonderful garden!

Nancy Kay said...

Grow, seeds, grow!!