Thursday, January 30, 2014

Back in the saddle: It's the Year of the Horse!

I've been home about 36 hours. I've almost put the house to rights; am almost completely unpacked; have almost caught up on laundry. Brian's schoolwork is all caught up (my husband did a great job keeping him mostly on track), and I've been back on my horse (hurray!). I'm sleeping better in my own bed and enjoying being back in my rut routine. (Yes, I'm a creature of habit.  ;-)

It was sprinkling when Rick and Brian picked me up from the airport Tuesday night and continued off and on yesterday, but today is partly sunny and dry. The daffodil shoots are growing taller and the daphne buds are swelling, getting ready to perfume the air with heavenly scent.
I wish I could say ewe bellies are swelling, too, but it's pretty difficult to tell under their full fleeces and sheep suits. No udder development showing yet, either. Marta has me a bit worried. Yesterday morning during chores, she was standing in the lot (above), and didn't come running over to try and snitch some of old Annabelle's daily grain ration. This morning she acted more interested, but was grinding her teeth a little. She looks wide, but she also has the longest wool of the three girls. I have wondered how she'd cope with carrying twins; she's such a petite thing. Time will tell.

I have nothing on the needles, which needs to be rectified – and soon! I got a big skein of Browning's yarn wound before I left,
I maxxed out the capacity of my trusty ball-winder!
but didn't have time to swatch. I could do that now . . . or cast on another Bridger Cowl to add to this year's gift stash. I also need to decide on which Romi design I'm going to knit during the Romilympics (a friendly gathering of knitters on Ravelry utilizing Romi Hill's designs during the Winter Olympics).

Ah, knitting. It's is such a satisfying hobby; it keeps my mind and hands busy and produces useful results. I took my Lanesplitter skirt, a keyhole scarf and a Gnarled Entling Warmer on my trip and wore everything but the Warmer (my nephew – he's very enamored with hats – wore it for me). He also modeled the hat I knit for him, although it's really too small for him (now that he lives where he actually needs it!).
My mom wore her Escargot hat a lot on the trip, too. It's nice to have knit-worthy people in my life!

Happy Year of the Horse, from . . .


Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm knit worthy... honest I am! :D You can knit something for me anytime your fingers get bored and need something to do! LOL!
Hugs my sweet blogging sister!
P.S. thanks for the cyber-visit today! :D

Laura said...

Check Marta for toxemia. Better yet, shear them off so you can see what's there! They'll stay warm enough in their coats, and keep their lambs warm by snuggling close...

Michelle said...

Beth, you'll have to give me some ideas!

Laura, I've got shearing scheduled for March; I could probably get Troy out sooner if I wanted to pay an extra $25 (his trip fee). The rise always plays into it; we seem to have better luck shearing later rather than earlier. Thanks for the tip on toxemia; I'll ask Rick to help me check.

Susan said...

Glad Laura mentioned toxemia. I just lost a ewe to it (and the twin ewe lambs she delivered prematurely). Better to catch it as early as possible.