Thursday, January 02, 2014

2014 FOs

That would be Finished Object and Feathered Objects – although it really isn't polite to call my girls objects. ;-)

First, the real FO, a cabled headband:
Pattern: Gnarled Entling Warmer, by Romi Hill
Cast on New Year's Eve; finished last night. Used up a small skein made from a batt of mystery wool sent by blogpal Denise to encourage me to learn long-draw spinning; it fits me perfectly and coordinates with my Polarfleece jacket and a pair of my winter riding breeches. Denise actually sent me two batts; here's the skein I spun from the second one:
I'm going to use it to knit another ear-warmer after I finish the red mohair wrap, and I want to send it to someone who would wear and appreciate it. So stayed tuned; once I cast on I'll solicit comments for the first giveaway of 2014!

My Feathered Objects chickens are all doing well and looking good – even the Sexlink who was ailing awhile back, and Goldilocks, who spent most of 2013 half-clothed it seemed.
one of the five Sexlinks
Goldilocks, the Easter Egger, well-feathered once again
one of the two Buffs
one of the four Speckled Sussex
Welsie, the Welsummer
Their feathers are so pretty – although I'd appreciate it if my Speckled Sussex and Welsummer hens did more than look good. Thanks to the Sexlinks, Buff Orpingtons (at least one of the two) and Goldilocks, we're continuing to get enough eggs for ourselves with extra to sell to help pay for the flock's food. Last year was a banner year for production (see the sidebar for yearly totals); I wish I had kept track of production from the time we got the first four (long gone). Thanks to, I now have a handy sheet on my frig to keep daily track, rather than just the monthly tally I keep on my sidebar. If you click on the link you can print one out, too!

My windows are too dirty to take good photos of the daily diners at our deck bird feeder; I must address that after we take the Christmas tree down. Imagine this Oregon-race dark-eyed junco without the dingy film effect:

That's it for today from . . .


C-ingspots said...

I just love your fluffy-bottomed hens!! They are all so pretty. Their eggs are pretty good too. :)
One thing I'd like to ask Michelle...would you consider teaching me how to knit? I once upon a time, did know how; but that was a looooong time ago. It looks like something I could do on these long, winter evenings.

Laura said...

Love the junco - they're such sturdy little birds!! I'm going to make egg charts, but in Excel. I'll probably make paper tallies and then transfer it to the computer. I'm really looking forward to seeing what the ducks' egg production is!

Maureen said...

Awesome headband Michelle! And that bird is beautiful even through your window!

Sandy said...

I love that headband!!!!

Your chickens look pretty healthy and full of feathers. Must all be done with moulting this time of year?

Michelle said...

I'd love to, Lorie! We just need to figure out when. Maybe some slow day at the clinic?

Thank-you, Maureen. :-)

Stay tuned for a drawing for one, Susan! Yep, the girls have been done with molting for awhile now.

majorasue said...

I had to laugh at your dirty window comment. I was thinking the same thing about my kitchen window when I was trying to keep track of the 2 neighborhood dogs that were wandering the road in front of my place this afternoon (without a human!). But I got distracted by cheesemaking, so window washing will have to happen tomorrow.

Debashree Chakma said...

I just love your headband little bird !!!! also looks pretty your fluffy-bottomed hens!!