Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Picking up speed with no brakes

That's what life feels like right now. We are entering the holiday season, and the older I get, the less time there seems to be between all the activities that go with it. I mean, I used to look forward these events; now it seems I don't have a chance to catch my breath between them, much less enjoy them! (The addition of my MIL to the equation this year doesn't help matters.)

Last year I was so busy I didn't get a Christmas letter written or cards sent out, for the first time in I don't know HOW long. I'm determined not to let it fall through the cracks this year . . . somehow . . . .

ANYway, I promised to show you what I made for our Sunday supper. First I harvested this from our garden and herb barrel:
kale, a "green" whose name I've forgotten, Swiss chard, bell peppers, parsley

Then I made this recipe (x 1 1/2) using brown rice, carrots and tomatoes previously harvested from our garden (I picked the tomatoes green and let them ripen in the kitchen), and added fat-free feta to make it a main dish.

For dessert I made an apple crisp using my home-canned apple pie filling; we polished off EVERYthing with relish!

Our homeschool co-op's annual talent show was last night, and of course I signed up a reluctant Brian to do a number (thankfully his violin teacher backs me up). There were 19 great acts and lots of variety (including a bagpiper, Adrienne); it was a great show! Below, for your viewing pleasure, are three videos, showing some of that variety.

That's it for today from . . .


Spinners End Farm said...

Oh wow....such talent!

Susan said...

He may not like it, but it's great experience to get up in front of a (friendly) audience. Great videos - LOTS of talent! Your meal sounds delish - and I know what you mean about the holidays. There seems to be so much pressure now - starting before Halloween! And your schedule is over-busy now, with the addition of your MIL into the mix. Be sure to carve out some time for yourself. That is VERY important.

Sandy said...

Wonderful video, talented kids. They say playing instruments makes for a better child.

Your garden harvest looks really nice, so does your rice dish.

I hear you about getting older, there seems to be no time. It just flies, especially when you want to do something like make out Christmas cards.

farmlady said...

Oh my gosh, Michelle. Your son Brian is really good . I mean that boy can play the violin. I'm stunned at his ability. Tell him he could be another Paganini some day.
Here's a link that he might enjoy...
Keep playing Brian.

A :-) said...

Brian gets better and better! And it's always good to hear a piper ;-)

C-ingspots said...

He has gotten a lot better! I really enjoyed this piece. And I have always loved bagpipes too. Violin music always remind me of Christmas. I once heard a hauntingly beautiful rendition of Silent Night on violin, in downtown Portland on a foggy night. It was off in the distance and we really had to quiet ourselves and listen to hear it, but I'll never forget how beautiful it was. Actually gave me goosebumps.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Brian is really talented! I wish I could play like that! :D I still hope to one day be able to play the cello... we'll see if all my weaving, spinning and painting will allow room for that addition as well! LOL!
I love bagpipes as well but some how don't see them in my future, :D
Keep breathing deeply, pace yourself and remember to do something just for yourself each day! With just two of us we don't really do holidays much anymore, which has it's plusses and minuses. More time to weave and spin for sure, lol!
Hugs my sweet friend and stay warm,
Beth P