Thursday, June 06, 2013

Bramble finally unveiled

Another pressing project is crossed off my neglected to-do list; this morning I scissor-sheared Bramble!

I am so pleased with what emerged from under all that wool. Last year she looked tough after shearing; this year she's in good weight, and her fleece feels wonderful. She is all I have left of Inky and the only ewe the old gal produced for me; too bad she's sterile!
"Who IS this new sheep?" I got them out on pasture just after the butting began.

It's a good thing I coat my sheep, or Bramble probably would have gotten sunburned. It was quite warm today (thankfully the coast breeze came up this evening and is cooling things down nicely). The heat didn't keep keep these two from piling into the same nest box earlier, though:

Warm weather calls for salads; below is the one we had for supper last night. The spinach and strawberries came straight from the garden. YUM!

That's it for today from . . .


  1. Oh, my. Bramble looks wonderful! Isn't it funny how they can't recognize each other as soon as the fleece is off? I think that combination is my favorite salad of all time - with thinly sliced almonds, fruit and spinach. YUM!

  2. Bramble looks great! Ummm, so do those strawberries! I can't get over how far ahead other parts of the country are from us here in New Hampshire! I keep telling myself, patience, patience! Ha!
    Beth P

  3. Yummy looking salad. Good looking sheep. A little slice of heaven..........

  4. I have hens who do that, too! What kind are those, Michelle?

    I have had no luck with strawberries, and after waiting for weeks, our spinach has started bolting!

    1. Those are two of our Speckled Sussex, Mary Ann.

  5. Bramble does look great! At our fiber festival Deb Robson and I were talking about her upcoming research trip to the Shetland Islands. That led to Shetland sheep talk and me telling her about your polled breeding program and how I had been given to understand there is a correlation between fineness of fleece and the polled gene. She agreed with that and said she was off to Under The Son Farm right after she left us, to check into that very thing.

    Even though Bramble has never settled for you, you will keep trying, won't you? I'm assuming since you sold two sheep, that you will be breeding this Fall?


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