Thursday, January 31, 2013

Ovine eyes are smiling

It started this morning with this guy – Boulderneigh Blake
Kimberwood Cadbury wanted his chin rubbed, too
At the wooded lot, shy Bart stepped up for some scritches
There's nothing shy about Bittersweet; he pushed right in
(It wasn't until I started uploading photos for this post that I realized I had photos of two father/son pairs. Blake is wether Bart's sire; Cadbury is wether Bittersweet's sire.)

I got my sheep therapy this morning. It thoroughly warms my heart (and quiets my soul) when these defenseless – and therefore necessarily cautious – creatures so obviously enjoy the touch of my hand. Some wag their little tails, some get weak in the hocks, some half-close their eyes and practically swoon.

Tomorrow I'll post for whom I'll be knitting a pair of fingerless mitts. If you haven't thrown your name in for the 'party favor' giveaway, you can do so here up until the time I utilize the random number generator. It's been so much fun to 'meet' new bloggers from around the world through Vicki's Grow Your Blog Party! I've added numerous blogs to my Reading List on Blogger's Dashboard, and am tickled by all the new followers of my musings here. A giant cyber-bear hug to all my readers and commentors – old and new!

That's it for today from . . .


  1. Wow their pupils are rectangular. I want to scratch their little fuzzy heads!

  2. I love eyes. You got great photos!

  3. The eyes have it .... or is it "here's lookin' at you kid" Great shots, really up close and personal.

  4. Oh man,

    I don't know if I have said this before on your blog, but I couldn't be a farm girl - at least not successfully. I get way to attached emotionally and would insist on these big brown eyes - keeping warm in my home.

    I am a much better cyber farm girl - admiring from afar - I guess. LOL

    Great shots. Gentle eyes.

    Cyber scratchies to those beautiful creatures.

  5. I love it when our sheep swoon. Makes my heart grow.

  6. Once again you've gone and done it: dreaming of sweet little sheep.

  7. Most animals love to be touched. Some are just cautious about humans. You are definitely a sheep whisperer. Love the eye shots.

  8. Really beautiful pictures of those sheep eyes...I love to look at their eyes too when I am giving pats and rubs. They are very calming indeed and a source of great peace.


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