Monday, October 08, 2012

Proof of productivity

Keep your beer; I'd rather have 14 more quarts of applesauce on the wall (shelf)!
VitaMix courtesy of my mom; thanks, Mom!

Pasture around loaded apple tree fertilized for the year

Ready for more firewood

Yarn wound and ready for socks; finished gift-knit in the background

This isn't Bethlehem; the rams' night light is now needed for evening chores

Who tooted?!? A not-even-a-pullet-bullet next to Buffy's normal egg

Blue sky and Stellar Jay; file this under "pleasing," not "productive"
That's it for today from . . .


Mama Pea said...

Good proof good things are gettin' done around Boulderneigh. But we knew that. :o}

P.S. But you need to talk to that chicken who is not pulling her weight!

Michelle said...

Ha; that would mean talking to MOST of the chickens, considering how few eggs I'm getting these days!

Theresa said...

I want to know how you keep the deer from the apple tree! Very productive but I'm waiting to hear about how tomorrow goes. ;)

Michelle said...

Oh, the deer eat their share but this year there IS enough to share. That, and we haven't seen nearly as many deer around here in 2012. Odd, and I don't know the reason – but I'm not complaining

Christine said...

You could sell those apples for a small fortune back here this year. Love the Bethlehem shot.

Michelle said...

Christine, there are TONS for the picking for the usual 35¢/lb. at the u-pick orchard at the bottom of the hill! They always seem to have plenty, unlike our trees which seem to produce well alternate years.

Ruth Dixon said...

Wow, you have been one busy woman. Luckily I am still getting home early enough to do chores by daylight. In a few weeks, though, I'll be wearing my "headlamp" as I don't have light in our critter homes.

farmlady said...

I bought picked apples this weekend... it's applesauce in jars as soon as I can get a day to myself. What's the Vita Mix for? To process the applesauce or the beer? Ha!
That chicken egg looks a little lame. Is the chicken OK. Did you eat the egg?
Loved the Stellar Jay photo.