Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Flowers and a feather

Thought I'd share some of the blooms around Boulderneigh that aren't on vegetable plants.

Along with the astilbe, my hostas are blooming this year for the first time.



Daphne – so fragrant!
I spied this feather this morning while doing chores. If Brian was here, he'd be wearing it in a headband right now. :-)
He's having a fine time in Texas by all accounts. My parents are giving him such a gift; I know this visit is going to be a special memory in his mind forever. I am so grateful!

That's it for today from . . .


Susan said...

Looks like a hawk feather? It is pretty special - spending time with your grandparents. Lovely flowers there on Boulderneigh.

Michelle said...

That's what I thought, Susan; we have red-tailed hawks around.

Mary Ann said...

I hope you saved the feather! Our yucca bloomed almost three months ago now... everything is so out of whack this year. The sedum is also gone too early.

Tombstone Livestock said...

Yes that looks like a red tail hawk feather, had 3 here earlier this spring 2 adults and one half grown, they would each sit on a fence post in back pasture and dive off into the grass. So much fun to sit out in the evening and watch them. Haven't seen them lately, maybe they don't like the heat. Weatherman says next 8 days over 103, Friday, Saturday and Sunday are going to be 108-110 ........ come on Fall.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

beautiful flowers, all!

farmlady said...

I agree with the feather. It's a hawk and it's so beautiful.
The flowers are so lovely. It's the one return on my investment of water in the summer that makes gardening worth it.
Tombstone is right. We are in for a long hot siege this week. I'm ready for Fall and Winter. Summer has worn out it's welcome.