Wednesday, January 04, 2012

A flurry of FOs

(Hey, for me two IS a flurry!)

Last week I knit up these bulky slipper socks. They were supposed to be for Brian, but ended up a bit too big. That's okay, the friend I have knit socks for will LOVE them.

Last night I finally bound off the second Duck of pair #2. They were my trip knitting just before Christmas and I zoomed along on them - and zoomed right past a point on the heel of the second one where I was supposed to join in the side toe stitches. The tinking that required was the equivalent of neuro-surgery for my middle-aged eyes, so they were put aside for awhile. Long enough to knit the slipper socks, above, and start Escargot, below.
The only reason Duck got finished before Escargot is that I ran out of the fuschia yarn, which was left over from a sweater I knit for a friend's daughter. I tracked down some more on Ravelry, which I can only hope is an exact match (the ball band is long gone). Otherwise I will have to rip out the whole thing, which would make me very sad and might scare off the toasty creative fiber fire I've been feeling lately. BUT. IF I cast on this today
(using silver-shot Dream in Color Starry instead of beads), it should fuel the fire, keeping it well stoked whatever happens with Escargot.

Then there's the Inky singles on my spindles I need to ply, and fiber itching to get on the miniSpinner, and another pair of slipper socks that WILL fit Brian, and, and . . . :-)


Christine said...

It's a regular fiber fest on the blogs have you noticed? I've been working on a few things myself. Just need some down time to decomress before blogging though.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the duck booties. Cutest things ever!

Kim said...

So cute ~ all of them, especially the duck socks. Would hate to see you rip out all that lovely fushia! Crossing my fingers for a match. I just have to learn to knit. I must. After I learn to spin!

Anonymous said...

You're moving right along with finished projects! Looking good.

Nancy K. said...

You're having WAY TOO MUCH fun!!!


Susan said...

You are on fire, all right! What great projects. I could use those slipper socks!

Claire the Shepherdess said...

Wow, talk about productivity! You're on fire! I love the colour on Escargot, and I love the bulky slipper socks, but my faves were the duck socks, until I dashed off to Rav to look at the pattern and discovered they were for 3 to 9 months only. Since when can adults not have duck socks? Am I a weirdo for wanting adult duck socks? Sigh.

Michelle said...

Claire, I know the designer did a larger version without the bottom ridge for walking children called "Blue-Footed Booby;" I'll bet you could upsize those! Follow the pattern link to; I think there's a link there. Wait -- here you go!

Claire the Shepherdess said...

FABulous! Whoohoo! Those are on my queue! Now....I need to dye some yellow fiber so I can spin it up for them. What fun! Thank you Michelle!