Friday, June 04, 2010

Floral Friday

I actually took the following photos yesterday, before it started raining. Again. Not that I'm complaining - although I probably would be if we were getting low on hay and planning on buying local first/only cutting. If the farmers are ever able to get it put up, it's going to be pretty mature. Thankfully we bought up extra second and third cutting last year from the two local growers we know who irrigate. We should have plenty to hold us until they have second or third cutting available again this year.

ANYhoo. Here is the yellow version of some bulbs I bought years ago but can't remember the name of - not a weed as Nancy supposed from this post:
My favorite species geranium is big and lush this year; I think the decorative fence Rick put up to keep Jackson from trampling the daphne odora nearby has also deterred the deer who sometimes mow it down:This color feeds my soul!

That's it for now at . . .

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HisTek said...

You take the most beautiful flower photos! Your garden must be spectacular!