Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Good girls!

Yesterday all eight of our fine feathered friends laid an egg! I was going to take an artsy photo of the collection, but Lucille's egg cracked while I was washing it. That has happened at least once before; I'm thinking it's because she didn't get sufficient calcium while on the lam. Now that she is on the same diet as the rest of our girls, I'm hoping her shells get stronger.

Rick's mom left Sunday morning after two-plus days of glorious weather followed by a day-plus of windy, wet weather. She enjoyed our croci (right outside her window), but our daffodils and daphne odora didn't begin to bloom until Sunday afternoon:
But she got to see clumps of daffodils in bloom down in the valley when we were out and about, and she also had flowers inside to enjoy:She's going through a rough time right now so Rick met her at the airport with a dozen pink roses! (He said they were for me, too. Whatever.) Brian did his best to keep her mind off her troubles; here they are clowning for the camera just before we left for the airport:Can you see why she is sometimes mistaken for Rick's sister?

Here's a reminder to every visitor to submit a guess to Boulderneigh's 2009 lambing contest! (Put your guess as a comment in the linked post.) To entice as many to participate as possible, I'm going to let the winner select the prize from these options: a set of photo notecards or an 8 1/2"x11" photo suitable for framing, your choice of my photo(s); a trio of sheepy bead pins (see an example here); some roving from one of my Shetlands; or some homespun yarn. The contest closes at midnight Friday, March 20. Come on; you have nothing to lose!

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MiniKat said...

I hope the visit brightened her spirits and lightened her heart. She has an infectious smile.

Franna said...

Guesses, eh?
Inky - twins, one black gul ram, one moorit ewe
Butter - single musket ewe
Brava - single musket gul ewe
Dinah - white ram, grey gul ewe

How's that for a cloudy crystal ball???

I'm glad you had a good visit!
- Franna

Molly Bee said...

Finally getting caught up on my blog reading. Love the pictures (especially the horse rolling around on his back) and am totally jealous about your spring flowers. We aren't quite there yet.
Thanks for the sound advice about putting my pine needle basket up above Ben level. He's already eaten my cork coasters!