Monday, January 26, 2009

Snow dog

Brian has been wanting to try his snowboard out on a "real" hill, so yesterday Rick took him up into the Cascades to find some snow. I wanted to stay home and get some jobs (and some spinning) done, but Rick really wanted me to come along. On the condition that Jackson got to come, too, we all went.

It is fun to have a fluffy dog who likes snow! It would be even more fun if I could show you the way he looks at me with his goofy, happy face after running around shoveling snow with his nose. But no-o-o; I point the camera at him and he goes all "flat." Click on the picture above to biggify and look at Jackson's eyes. He's clearly checking; "Are you STILL pointing that thing at me?"

There were few other people out and Jackson's recall is good enough that I could turn him loose to play. He thought Brian and Rick were sliding down the hill just for him to chase. That frustrated Brian, so I kept Jackson away from him for most of his runs.

It was cold and blowing snow; we weren't out there for long. That is one of the wonderful things about living here; the beach, the mountains, the city, and even the desert are all within driving distance. And right here in the middle, we live on our little patch of paradise I call Boulderneigh . . .


~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

Looks like a lot of fun :)
Beamer does the same thing when I point my new camera at him, but then it beeps and a light comes on and I think he thinks its going to eat him (he's a little shy lol)

Sharon said...

Brian looks like he's got the hang of it - no pun intended. I'm always amazed at how much dogs love to play in the show.

Kathleen said...

Celeste also clams up when it's camera time. Sometimes she gives me the dirtiest looks. I think it's because the camera has a little red light that comes on when I'm focusing. I think she's afraid that the little red eye is bad, bad, bad.

Tammy said...

What is it with dogs and cameras? The cats don't seem to mind so much, bu point it at Boone and his goofy happy face turns into a sulky, down turned study in sadness. Ariel just gazes pointedly in the other direction. Looks like they had lots of fun! And it does look COLD! We are having some kind of icey/sleety mess here and I'm opting to stay home today.

white_lilly said...

Love your photos,they show how much fun everyone is having. I love how dogs show how happy they are in their faces, I see it in my dogs and I call it their happy face.

You definetly live on a patch of paradise :)