Wednesday, October 08, 2008

My kind of rush hour

Tuesday morning: the girls well on their way to a five-egg day. Now, if I could just find time to do some baking and cooking with all these fresh eggs! Making anything that requires boiled, peeled eggs is just too frustrating. I have yet to find a technique that makes peeling really fresh eggs easy - and I can't stand throwing away so much good egg white trying!

Last night for supper I didn't use any eggs, but I did use onions, carrots, yellow straightneck squash and corn from the garden to make this vegetable chowder. Yum!

Since one of my blog readers has complained that there haven't been enough sheep pictures in my blog lately, I plan to remedy that tomorrow - or maybe even later today. It's the least I can do for Allena, considering the exquisite batt of merino/angora lavendar loveliness she gave me when we met in Missouri - which just happens to be on my wheel now. :-)
I'm going to have to put spinning aside for awhile again, though. I'm leaving on the 14th for Texas, and besides all the other stuff I have to do, I NEED to knit a shawl! I've been fighting that miserable black chenille, and WILL finish a moebius shawl with it - eventually (I'm a glutton for punishment that way). But yesterday I found some black mohair blend yarn at the LYS and it whispered that it would be MUCH more cooperative than that chenille, not to mention faster to knit on bigger needles, so it came home with me. Cast on! Knit like the wind!

Scrambling to get it all done at . . .


Sharrie said...

I can't believe all the things that you and that you get done. You must be a wizard. I am totally impressed.

Pamela said...

Five eggs a day! Hurray! The most I've gotten is 2 in one day a couple of times.

As for peeling fresh eggs, Nancy at "Spot on Cedar Pond" gave some great tips a few weeks ago. (I've marked her egg peeling post so I'll be prepared when I have enough to make deviled eggs.) It's here:

Sorry, I don't know how to make a link. Maybe this will work.

Nancy's Egg Tips

And I do you do it all? Major impressed!

~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

That chowder does look yummy!
Hey, did you get my email?

Allena said...

So...wheres the YARN! agggg! LOL

That batt was nice wasn't it? I love the angora mixes so lushness! I'm glad you liked it, I didn't know what color to give you.

Not only is is angora, but angora mixed with 16 micron merino, the ultimate in softness....I love these batts, I've spun several.

I let me extra eggs sit around for about 3 weeks before boiling and they do well. Have to check out that site.

melanie said...

You're right about peeling fresh eggs - hang on to them for a week or so, and they get much easier as they age. You can also make the job easier by putting a large tablespoon of salt in the water when you boil them...I've heard vinegar works as well, but I have only ever tried the salt..

country girl said...

I too have suffered with peeling very fresh eggs. I googled it and found this: Cook the eggs, pour out the hot water and immediately shake the pan with lid on like you would if you were popping popcorn. Shake it a lot. Then take the lid off and pour cold water over the eggs. The shells will come off easily.

Carolina Trekker said...