Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy Fourth of July!

Since Rick is on emergency call for the holiday weekend, we didn't make our annual trek to Cowboy Campmeeting, being held this year outside of Republic, WA. Instead, we have found family fun closer to home. Rick and Brian have set off some firecrackers a few evenings this week, and last night we attended the St. Paul Rodeo, which features great fireworks at the end of every performance.
Brian really wanted to ride the mechanical bull and we got there in just enough time to grant his wish. I was rather surprised at how well he did - not that I want to encourage my son to be a rodeo cowboy!
We had seats way up in the bleachers, but I still managed to get some actions shots with my trusty little Fujifilm camera (click to biggify a bit):
Today we headed over to Willamette Mission State Park for the Civil War battle reenactments and living history exhibits they hold there every year. The last time we went Brian was quite small, and the cannon fire frightened him. This year, he was a six-year-old in his element - although he still had to cover his ears for the cannon fire.
A highlight for Brian from our visit to yesteryear was finding this holster for his cap pistol. Ever since Rick got him the cap gun, Brian has informed us that he NEEDS a holster, but we couldn't find "just" a holster anywhere. But a history reenactment camp is just the place for such gear. (Brian also found all sorts of munitions he thought he needed, and I tried on a gorgeous velvet and lace cape, but we only left with the holster.)

Tonight Brian gets to stay up late to set off the "pretty" fireworks in the dark, and we'll be able to see St. Paul's big display from a distance. I hope your Independence Day celebrations were wonderful, too. Ours is a great country, in spite of its many problems!
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Tammy said...

Enjoyed the pictures Michelle! I would like to see a Civil War re-enactment sometime. I think there might be one fairly close, at Wilson's Creek. My favorite of the Civil War photos are of the guy on the black horse, pausing to look over the battlefield.
Thanks for sharing!

~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

I used to live right outside the Chickamauga Battlefield national park and never did go see a reinactment! I really wish I would have, I am feeling a little patriotic today :)
Beautiful pictures as usuall!

Kathy said...

I hope you had a good 4th! It looks like it! I think Brian needs a trip to AZ for more "Cowboy Stuff". Bring a vehicle and pick up a polled sheep.....

Nancy K. said...

AWESOME photos of the civil war reenactment! I want to see one!