Sunday, June 01, 2008

Y is for Yaquina Head (Warning: photo heavy. Okay, I know - they ALL are!)

A week ago today we headed west for some family fun at one of my favorite places, the Oregon coast (we "saved" the much-needed weeding and mowing for Monday). Jackson even got to come along - his first beach outing!

We were initially headed to the Oregon Coast Aquarium, but on our way Brian asked if we could go to the lighthouse instead. Yaquina Head lighthouse was closed the last time we visited with my sister, and Brian really wanted to see the inside. I walked around with Jackson taking photos while Rick and Brian waited in line to climb up to the light platform. There were wildflowers blooming, and lovely views of the coast to enjoy!
Next Brian wanted desperately to find a spot to build a sandcastle, so we drove north to a quiet beach. There my guys began their construction project with enthusiasm.Eventually Brian got distracted...and finally ditched his shoes and came down to the water's edge where I was playing with Jackson. But as you can see, Rick labored on!
In the meantime, I was introducing Jackson to the ocean. Wish I could have captured the face he made when he tried tasting it! He was a very good boy off-leash, and went from being leery of all that water to getting his feet wet.
We played fetch with a nice, big, salty stick
and then he romped with his boy awhile (see Yaquina Head in the distance?).
It was a wonderful day!

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sewbeezy said...

Thanks for visiting my blog....and for inviting me to visit yours. Loved all the pictures on your blog....especially the ones of your sheep! I, too, have Shetland sheep. It was a breeding flock until early this year when I had my ram wethered. We had a very rough winter after last year's showing at the fair. At least I did get six very beautiful lambs from him.....of which I am keeping all. This brings my flock up to 21 beautiful sheep....which is perfect. Of course now I'm trying to see if I can actually get all of this year's fleeces, washed, carded, and spun up. Last year I ended up selling most simply because I didn't have enough time to get to them all. I hope you do very well at show. Your lambs are lovely!

TigereyeSal said...

So, did you ever get to the Aquarium?

Looks like a super day- good for you guys for enjoying yourselves so thoroughly!



Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

No, we never did get to the aquarium, which is just fine with me. Even though I love it, it's expensive and Jackson would have had to sit in the car. I think he and Brian both had more fun doing what we did! It's a rare day when we have no other commitments and we can play like that together; it was wonderful. :-)

Tina T-P said...

Beautiful pictures - isn't the Oregon coast just the best?

Robbyn said...

What wonderful pictures! LOL, which kid is enjoying building the sandcastle the most?? Thanks for sharing the lovely trip :)

Sharon said...

Oh boy, do we love the Yaquina Head lighthouse and it's "penguin-like" birds, the muries. It was the favorite of all those we dragged Son Carlos to see.