Wednesday, February 06, 2008

FOs: Gift scarves and a funky hat

First, yesterday morning's haul (see Monday's post):There were no regurgitated rocks this morning; I've been trying to keep his unsupervised outside time to a minimum. He's eating his puppy food better now!

Now, on to FOs.
This is the scarf I knit for Becky, the only person who took me up on the Pay It Forward homemade gift challenge. I used two balls of fancy-schmancy Goteborg yarn I had in my stash (lovely stuff!), and the Roman Princess Scarf pattern. Unfortunately, the yarn is too busy for the pattern to show up well; I will try this pattern again with a subtler yarn. I had to wait and post this until after she got her package. Follow the link to her blog; she got a better photo of it than I did! :-)

After finishing Becky's scarf I realized that another friend's birthday is coming up, so I knit her a scarf, too. I chose this stash yarn because my friend's favorite color is black, but I think she needs a bit more color in her wardrobe. It's very soft, too (Bernat Frenzy).
Then - I couldn't help it - Crazy Aunt Purl sucked me into her beret craze! And I don't even WEAR hats! But I had this Jiffy Thick & Quick in my stash (I bought a big box of mixed lots on eBay) that I didn't have any other plans for, so why not? It IS a quick knit; I started it one evening and finished it the next. Brian was kind enough to model it for me, even though it's too big for him. (The photos I took of myself in the hat turned out ghastly, as in really scary!)
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Texan Will Travel said...

Hey, sis, your knitting prowess astounds me! And yes, I know I need to update my blog!

Sharrie said...

Thank you for being a friend.

Sharon said...

I don't know - I think you got a great shot of Becky's scarf. It really is gorgeous. I need to ask her to wear it next weekend so I can see it, for real.