Thursday, November 01, 2007

Whose toes are THOSE???

They can't possibly be MY middle-aged toes, can they?

A dear friend whisked me off for lunch and then a surprise visit to a salon for manicures and pedicures this afternoon. Now, after whirlpooling, clipping, snipping, massaging, painting and hot-wax-dipping, my feet do not look or feel like my own. (My hands were not as dramatically transformed, through no fault of the nail technician.) I'm sure they will be rough, dry and neglected again in no time, but for the moment, "I'm too sexy for my toes, too sexy for my toes, too sexy...."

I wonder how my adorable little sheep would look with white daisies painted on THEIR hooves? Hee!

That's all the silliness for now at . . .


Kathy L. said...

At least you have nails! Since the surgery, mine grow fast but are so brittle they chip like crazy.

Cute flowers! But what WOULD the sheep paint on their toes?

Lauren said...

Adorable! I used to do that all the time when I lived in the suburbs and didn't have twenty thousand animals to feed and clean up after. Now, it seems rather futile (and much more expensive in tony Scottsdale 10 miles away).

Next time I head to San Diego, I'm all over it. Here's to cute toes.

Sharon said...

When I flew to San Diego in March for my DIL-to-be's bridal shower, all the bridal party and mom's got pedicures. We had *so* much fun. It was my first time and I really enjoyed the experience, but am too cheap. I'm a do-it-myself kinda gal but I'll always treasure that day.

shepherdchik said...

I must see the photos if you get one of the sheep to hold still for a fancy pedicure. Too bad it is winter, you need to show off the toes!