Monday, July 30, 2007

Sheep update; show photos to come

Russell and I will have some photos to share along with a report from our show yesterday, just as soon as I get them. A very generous friend came to help me groom, and her boyfriend took a LOT of photos on his fancy digital camera. I can't wait to see them!

Until I get those photos, here is a photoless sheep update. Last week we determined that Braveheart has a moderate load of coccidia, so today he and Brava (since they are penned together) started on a treatment course of Albon.

Last night after dark while I was working at my computer, I heard a commotion in the sheep fold. When it occurred again, I grabbed Rick's cattle cane and ran down to see if a predator had managed to jump in (insert mental image of Michelle beating off a cougar to save her darlings). The girls looked up at me from their hay feeder with mild curiousity -- but they WERE breathing a little hard. Hmmm. Well, this morning I think I figured out what was going on (warning: the following is rather shocking). I put the girls out with their grain and hay, and continued with other morning chores. As I finished and headed back to the house, I saw a commotion in the sheep pasture, so I stopped and watched. My sweet Valentine, who has never shown ANY aggression towards any creature in the 6+ months she's lived here, was chasing Bella round and ramming her from the side, from the rear, even head-on! I was shocked -- but I must admit, not too dismayed. Bella is often a "butt" (pardon the pun) to Valentine, and the other girls were pretty rough on her at the beginning. I guess she's decided not to be anyone's punching bag anymore, and part of me is glad to see her finally asserting herself.

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Tammy said...

"The girls looked up at me from their hay feeder with mild curiousity -- but they WERE breathing a little hard." How funny, and so like the little buggers to act all innocent like nothing is going on, after the shepherdess gets all revved up to beat cougars off of them! ;-)

Kathy L. said...

She's just asserting herself in the Alpha-Ewe just took her 6+ months to decide to do it. :)