Sunday, July 01, 2007

Feeding them to friendliness

Yes, the way to a sheep's heart is through its stomach. I've been enjoying my new lambies immensely, gaining their trust through their greed for grain. They also love "fresh greens," which I sometimes hand-feed, but today I took them out for some grazing, leadline-training, and more gentling. It's all coming along nicely, I'm happy to report!

Meanwhile, our garden is growing and soon WE will be enjoying fresh veggies, too, like bell peppers,
yellow crook-neck squash,
and cherry tomatoes.
We're already enjoying the fruits of the Willamette Valley. We have a few Royal Ann cherry trees of our own, but we also get to pick in the neighbors' orchards. Our raspberry plants are too young to bear, but this morning one of Rick's clients told us to help ourselves from their canes. We brought home ten delicious pints!
Our young blueberry plants have started giving us a few ripe berries here and there; we will probably also buy more at a local you-pick farm to put a couple gallons in the freezer.

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Lauren said...

Jealous, that's what I am. Yup, jealous to the bone.

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