Thursday, June 28, 2007

Blessed rain

To most of you out there, what we've been getting today would not be called rain. Maybe sprinkles, or light showers. Whatever. It is blessed moisture on the ground and plants. Not lots, but enough to save me the chore of watering. And maybe it will keep the dust down when we go horse camping next week.

I'm almost finished with my sweater sampler. It's bigger than I expected; I definitely have enough knitting here for another sweater for Brian. It brings a sense of satisfaction to have successfully worked through a lot of new skills -- but I'm glad I have the book to refer to the next time I attempt them. Before I use my new skills, though, I think I'll knit up another Baby Surprise Jacket, this one for an expectant mother in our church.

I talked to Kathy in the hospital this afternoon. Her voice sounded a bit strained and she is quite sore, but the nerve pain that was shooting down her legs before surgery is gone. She's anxious to get back home, but will have to lay low for awhile and heal.

Tonight the lambs got their first CD&T shots. Poor things; just as they were beginning to trust me a bit, we torture them. But they seemed to forget the insult as soon as I proffered grain; they do love their little grain snack twice a day! (By the way, Rick noticed their piggy aroma, too.)

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shepherdchik said...

Hi michelle, I love the sampler. By the way, what is "horse camping"? Is that like a trail ride or do you just take the horses camping with you or what?

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

We go camping, and take the horses so we can trail ride out in the wilderness. I'm not a big fan of camping, but taking the horses and riding makes it worth it. :-)