Sunday, April 15, 2007

While the cat's away.... Part 1

Rick left Thursday morning and doesn't get back until late tonight - hence the title. I used to daydream about all the things, fun and necessary, I'd get done when he was out of town, but now I know better. Time always runs short, especially now that I'm a mom.

Thursday and Friday were filled with the usual work-a-day busy-ness. However, I DID get some spinning done after Brian went to bed Thursday - hooray! I'm still working on the pound of Lincoln lamb locks I bought from somone who was "de-stashing." I love the variety of browns in this fiber, and hope to have enough of it to make a Little Boy Surprise Jacket for Brian. (If not, I can supplement it with some yarn spun from Dinah's white fleece, which would look nice as as stripes in the brown.)
When I ran out of prepped fiber, I knitted. I finished knitting my first felted handbag pattern last week, and had 51 grams of yarn left over. So I decided to make another, much smaller handbag using a different pattern and felt them at the same time. I just need to finish one last i-cord on the second bag, and they are both ready to felt. And I may still have enough yarn left over for a tiny little "freedom bag," a knitted (not felted), flapped "purse" just the right size for holding a spinning wheel's oil bottle, etc.

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Kathy L. said...

It's good to see you spinning again! And the purses look wonderful - you must've done this in a past life. :)

sheperdchik said...

The purses look wonderful! Be sure to post pics once you felt them.