Sunday, March 18, 2007

The reluctant shepherd (bless him!)

Getting sheep was not my husband's idea. In fact, he would probably say he was railroaded into it. (Well, we DID need a legitimate "farm use" project for tax purposes, and HE couldn't come up with a better idea!)

Rick has done his share of muttering and grumbling in the last year-plus, but he's also spent untold hours building fence and the new Shetland Sheraton, plus helping me with the sheep in other ways. Today we cleaned out the former fold so it could once again be used as an access to the arena. There was a LOT of accumulated straw, "sheep seeds" (I think I could convince some city kids that's what they are, don't you?), and hay to pitch in the ancient manure spreader to spread on the pasture.
As I was saying, my reluctant shepherd has come a long way since the girls' arrival. (I have even caught him PETTING the girls a time or two!) But after not being home to do evening chores most of last week, Rick had problems getting the sheep into the fold Friday night. Yesterday evening I visited my ailing friend Joan, and got home after dark. Rick had not yet done chores. Then the neighbor called, warning us about a pair of dogs they just chased off that night, the second time in two weeks. Rick promptly left the house to bring the sheep in and do chores, and I went upstairs to check my email. I happened to look out the window and see sheep running around in the dark, with Rick trying vainly to coax/herd them into the fold. I ran down to help, knowing his aggravation level would rise quickly. I got Dinah the chow-hound and Valentine the pet into the fold easily enough, but Rechel and Bella were thoroughly spooked. It took a LONG time to finally get those two penned, with Rick making pointed references to mutton.

So after cleaning out and dismantling the old sheep fold, I thought I'd better bring the girls in and not leave it for him to do at chore-time tonight. Of course, for ME they basically filed in like good little sheepies, and lined up for their evening grain.
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Kathy L. said...

Well, Bless his heart for trying! We've got a couple of "Keepers" don't we? :)

I'd love it if you would send close-up pics of your feeder to me. I got a facefull of hay trying to feed can tell where I've been by the trail of hay bits around the house.

(And got the first Roberta Spinner this weekend!YAY!)

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Oh yes, he's definitely a keeper. (Besides, I don't believe in "catch and release" when it comes to husbands!)

Will try to get close-ups of the feeder today. Congratulations on the dealership deal!

Lauren said...

Your girls look so cute and well-behaved all lined up like that. I wonder if mine would act like that if we didn't have those pesky, misbehaved goats constantly butting their way into the manger.

The world may never know.

sheperdchik said...

Michelle: yes, I'd like to see a close pic of that hay feeder too. I'm still ROFL in regards to the catch and release comment (and the shetland sheraton too, for that matter). Too funny!