Friday, February 02, 2007


Since both pairs of sheep were peacefully coexisting, I decided to make the second round of introductions this morning. Rechel went to pasture with her daughter, and Dinah joined Valentine in the quarantine pen for breakfast. Since Dinah is a chow-hound, I expected her to tuck into the alfalfa pellets like Rechel had, easing introductions.

Meanwhile, in the pasture.... Bella was delighted to be reunited with her mother. But to my shock and Bella's confusion, Rechel went after her as vigorously as Dinah had two days ago! Bella was too distressed to defend herself, and ended up off by herself crying pitifully.When she saw me, she looked through the fence as if begging me to fix things somehow. Annoying ditz that she sometimes is, my heart still ached for her.

When I finally tore my attention away from the drama in the pasture, I noticed that a haze of dust hung in the air of the quarantine pen, and both Dinah and Valentine were breathing hard. I entered the pen and sat down, and Valentine immediately hid behind me. Doesn't she look like she needs to be rescued?

Finally Valentine calmed down enough to eat some hay, and Dinah wanted her share of the attention. This is the blissful sheep that first made me fall in love with Shetlands!

By afternoon everyone seemed to have sorted things out, although Dinah and Valentine never did finish their pellets. Too much dust and straw mixed in, I think. Someone could probably make a good living as a sheep counselor if they could figure out how to help ovines sort out their difficulties with less violence; sheep seem to have more relationship troubles than people!

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Kathy L. said...

Sometimes, very rarely, I am reminded wht Do-Da's sheep can really be. :)
It sounds like you spent most of the day playing "Musical Sheep"...did everyone finally settle down?