Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

I can't believe I actually stayed up to welcome 2007. Rick and I found a New Year's Eve "Great Performances" special starring Garrison Keillor and a lot of great musical guests, so we watched that, and I knitted. Got a good start on one of the hats for my friend's adopted daughters from Fiji. I may actually finish it before they arrive next weekend!

Do you make New Year's resolutions? I really don't think of them as such, but I do resolve to do things. Like spend more "quality time" with God (I'm good at chatting with Him on the run, but my Best Friend deserves more than that), and fit daily exercise back into my routine. Unlike some people, I actually LIKE to exercise, but it still seems to get crowded out. Now that I'm "middle-aged," the consequences of not exercising regularly show up faster and uglier than ever before, so I WILL find time for it! The other thing I will do today, like nearly every other New Year's Day for the last 30+ years, is get on my horse. I figure that a year that starts from the back of a horse has got to be better than one that doesn't!

What are you looking forward to this year? On my list: the return of my best friend Pamela from Fiji; the arrival of sweet Valentine, and then her lambs; visits from family and friends; more fiber, spinning and knitting; showing my horse at Fourth Level (here's Russell and I showing at Third Level last year; isn't he handsome?).

What will you MISS in 2007? On my list: my Aunt Laurinda; my better-than-20/20 vision (I'm afraid glasses are looming after a Jan. 15 eye exam). I'm sure there will be other things, but you don't miss them 'til they're gone, right? So appreciate every single blessing in your life right now, while you have it. And remember, blessings come in many forms, not all of them pleasant!

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tchan663268 said...
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Kathy L. said...

Happy New Year, Michelle!

I watched the same Great Performances as you did last night. The Kids in NZ had promised us they were going to call at midnight, so I stayed up and naturally they didn't call. Ralph went to be early thus missing the start of the new year.
Russel and you look great together! How old is he now?

Hope you have a relaxing day today and enjoy it with family and friends. Good on ya for the hat-work, too!

Kim Nikolai said...

Russell is VERY handsome! Is he Arabian? He has that look about him. My niece is a trainer and works with Arabians. She is now showing in Dressage also and doing very well with an Arabian gelding.


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

No, I call Russell a Paint in the witness protection program - ha! We get questions at every show about his breed. Most guess some sort of warmblood or warmblood cross, or a substantial thoroughbred. I don't know if he'll be able to continue up the levels as he seems to get a sore back when we push it, but he has nice movement and has done very well so far. Unfortunately, like a lot of the "Western" breeds, he's built downhill, which makes dressage MUCH harder for him. :-(